We know all to well that being connected is important to you. From being able to download the family pictures, to scanning important work documents, or maybe a rainy day movie is in order, having quality, reliable service from a company that will show up and deliver is important. OptimERA can power your adventures, so you can share those moments while on the go, or allow you to be connected while at home or office. Whatever your needs, OptimERA is the company to have in your corner.


OptimERA Wifi is high speed internet delivered right to your phone, tablet, laptop or wherever you need it. This prepaid service means you will never be charged overages. Purchase the amount you want and get out and explore!


OptimERA Wifi also offers dedicated service to your home or business. To inquire about this, please use our contact form below and one of our techs will contact you during regular business hours to discuss options with you.