Business and Farm Support

In order for OptimERA to successfully apply for the USDA grant we need to show support from businesses and farms. Many businesses in the fishing industry may be classified as farms, so take a look at the clause below before completing the form. These forms are non-binding letters of intent, these are not contracts. They are intended only to collect data to submit to the USDA to give an accurate level of representation in the region.

“Agricultural commodity. An unprocessed product of farms, ranches, nurseries, and forests and natural and man-made bodies of water, that the Independent Producer has cultivated, raised, or harvested with legal access rights. Agricultural commodities include plant and animal products and their by-products, such as crops, forestry products, hydroponics, nursery stock, aquaculture, meat, on-farm generated manure, and fish and seafood products. Agricultural commodities do not include horses or other animals raised or sold as pets, such as cats, dogs, and ferrets.”

CFR Title 7(B) Ch. XLII, Part 4284(J)

Agricultural Production. The cultivation, production, growing, raising, feeding, housing, breeding, hatching, or managing of crops, plants, animals, fish, or birds, either for fiber, food for human consumption, or livestock feed.

CFR Title 7(B) Ch. XLII, Part 4280(A)

Download the form and additional information: