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Optimizing technology for a new era

OptimERA focuses on the communications and energy sectors. We optimize systems that allow us to create sustainable businesses in challenging markets. Our company provides telecom and technology services in hard to serve areas; creating innovative business models, and supplying technical resources through engineering, consulting, and construction.


Electrical Contracting, Technology Consulting, Business analysis


Mobile LTE, Fixed Wireless, Broadband, and NaaS

Latest News

OptimERA Inc Coordinates with Black Swift Technologies LLC & Aleutian Aerial LLC to Collect Data at Makushin Volcano

OptimERA Inc coordinates with Black Swift Technologies LLC & Aleutian Aerial LLC to collect data at Makushin Volcano using a Black Swift S2 unoccupied aircraft system.

OptimERA and SES Bring Big Changes to Unalaska

OptimERA and SES work together to make a huge difference and bring much-needed connectivity to the community.

OptimERA Receives Distinguished Service Award for Response to Plane Crash

Optimera Inc without hesitation provided command staff mobile hotspots and cellular devices that made it possible to communicate with numerous Federal and State Agencies.