We are serious nerds. We love problem solving and assessing the viability of projects. With our proficiency in technology, math, science, and engineering, OptimERA Inc. is your top choice for engineering, consulting, and contracting needs. Combined with our skill at implementing plans into success and direct field experience, you will never need to doubt our work.


OptimERA is a licensed Electrical Contractor in the State of Alaska currently serving Southwest Alaska, based out of Dutch Harbor. We give you realistic estimates because in business, its critical to have solid information and be able to rely on your contractors. We don’t like to chase our tails and we don’t want you to either. Reach out if you have any need for electrical or technical work.


Our clients find that we ask a lot of questions, have depth of understanding from field experience and can interpret new ideas and concepts quickly which aid them in making better technology choices. From communications to mechatronics; implementation to adoption, we can help you make the choices that are right for your needs. If not done right, technology can be as much of a hindrance as it is a benefit. It’s crucial to investigate and understand the end goal and the evolution of a need to fully grasp which technologies should be implemented and when.

With experience in many industries, combined with  folks who simply enjoy building mathematical models, we are well suited to help with business analysis and development strategy as well. We can give feedback, entertain your ideas, and play devil’s advocate. You may not always like the outcome, but we love to help find solutions when problems arise. The best projects are also the hardest ones to tackle.