Our 4th Annual Christmas for Kids Fundraiser was held this past December, benefitting our local nonprofit Unalaskans Against Sexual Assault & Family Violence (USAFV). This charity event raises money and gathers donated toys for the local children and families in need during the holiday season in Unalaska, as well as the nearby Island of Akutan.

We’ve set it up every year that every participant in the fundraiser receives free OptimERA WiFi, as well as raffle tickets to win the Big Prizes on Christmas Day. We try to make this fundraiser as fun as possible, not just to raise money and toys for the kids, but fun and rewarding for the people that participate in it. It is the holiday season and the season for giving after all.

This year, we were grateful to get a prize donation from Trident Seafoods LLC in the form of a 45lb case of Bairdi Crab, and the results were nothing less than amazing. Bags upon bags of toys were donated and the community raised an incredible $3,425 for the fundraiser! OptimERA matched $1,000 raising the total amount for the children to $4,425! These funds are put towards gifts for kids (mostly educational) as well as books, socks, shoes, and undergarments, with any extra funds going towards holiday food boxes.

A special thank you goes out to the TBC/KWAV Radio station who donates free advertising every year to this fundraiser. Like the rest of us, this fundraiser holds special meaning to them and we are very appreciative every year for their generosity. Most of all, we are grateful to the amazing community members, businesses, and visitors that donated to this fundraiser. Thank you also to USAFV for all they do in our community year after year, we are honored to be able to give back to such a giving and impactful organization.

USAFV representative Jocelyn Hernandez with OptimERA staff Susana Seman and Nenita Hunter holding bags of toys and gifts donated to the Christmas For Kids Fundraiser.
OptimERA’s General Manager Rick Nicholson presenting a $4,425.00 check to USAFV staff member Jocelyn Hernandez. These funds along with bags full of toys were collected during our 4th annual Christmas For Kids Fundraiser.