On October 17th, 2019 at 1741 hours, PenAir Flight 3296 had over-shot the Tom Madsen runway. The incident unfolded quickly and Volunteer members of the ASFA – Unalaska Chapter responded without hesitation. But it didn’t stop there. Countless community members, IFHS Clinic Staff, Unisea, Inc. Safety and Security and local business all responded to do what they could. One of the biggest challenges faced were critical communications, which had been overloaded and became non-operational.

PennAir Flight 3296 crashed at end of runway

Optimera Inc without hesitation provided command staff mobile hotspots and cellular devices that made it possible to communicate with numerous Federal and State Agencies and the USCG (for Emergent Medevac Services). We are eternally grateful to Optimera Inc to aiding the members of ASFA – Unalaska Chapter, the community members of Unalaska and passengers aboard flight 3296. Furthermore, Optimera Inc continued to provide those services throughout the investigation multiple days after the initial incident.

ASFA – Unalaska Chapter in partnership with the City of Unalaska Fire Department awarded Optimera Inc with a Distinguished Service Award. Thank you for dedication and continued commitment to serving all of us here in Unalaska/Dutch Harbor.

Original post from Alaska State Firefighters Association – Unalaska Chapter.