2007 | Icicle Seafoods VoIP and WiFi service


Aboard the Northern Victor

OptimERA took over service on Icicle Seafoods’ fish processing vessel Northern Victor in 2007 from Wescom Technical, whom we had acquired. We deployed a VoIP phone network and Wi-Fi service, upgrading the vessel from 2 phone lines and a fax line to 75 phone lines and Wi-Fi internet service, all connected via wireless backhaul. Providing services to this extremely remote location taught us how important being connected truly is.

This service was life changing for the crew of the Northern Victor, but along with providing the service we also had to maintain a remote relay station that used a generator and batteries to get service back into the cove where the factory vessel was anchored.

Using generators for remote sites is unreliable, costly, and stupid. We eventually replaced this system with a solar power system that removed the generator and the headache that went along with it.



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August 24, 2007