Alaska Tribal Network



The Alaska Tribal Network (ATN) was a concept we put together for the Alaska Tribal Spectrum Organization (ATS) based on our decentralized network concept. With a need to deploy equipment and service on behalf of all its tribal members, the ATS needed a solution that could deliver affordable service and create a foundation to build future-proof networks for rural Alaska allowing for growth and development over time.

The ATN works through creating a patchwork of locally owned and tribally controlled network operator/owners, paired with Virtual Service Providers (VSPs) who participate in an automated profit-sharing model. Compensation is distributed to stakeholders by tracking data flow and usage throughout the network.

The core concept is one of coopetition (cooperation + competition), working together to solve problems, while stimulating competition in the market place. It’s about inclusion and building something that is bigger than any single person or company. Leveraging all available resources and optimizing how those resources are used.

When the ATN launches and begins to provide service it will open up a new way of delivering capacity to users as well as ways in which different groups can participate in the development and expansion of the network.



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August 24, 2021